It’s time for my weekly blog again, and I’ve been thinking about pets I’ve known. We give them unusual names, or funny ones, or names that mean something to us. Before I go any further, I have to share the best dog name I ever heard. She’s so cute, I included her picture here, so you can see my favorite breed of all time. They are called Goldendoodles, and this is one combination that really stole my heart. They are smart, and inherited that from both sides of their doggie lineage: the Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle. Goldendoodles are also sweet and gentle—which is what I look for in people as well as puppies!

I went on a bit about this wonderful “new” breed, but I wanted to introduce you before I told you how this puppy gets called for breakfast: “STELLA!” I laugh every time I think of that one.

I’ve had favorite names for my pets, and each one has a special meaning for me. A dog named Pal, who will always stay in my heart. A parakeet named “Babette,” who liked to sit on my head and play with my hair. A terrier my sister named Tammy, after the Debbie Reynolds movie that was made long before most of you were born. So many other names and pets through the years. I’m older now, so I have had the pleasure of being a Pet Parent to a wonderful series of animals of every type, and I remember them all fondly. Their memories still bring me joy.

We think we “own” them, but really, we are only given custody of animals who mostly give us unconditional love. I wish I had not taken so many of them for granted. That’s the benefit of hind-sight, which I am passing on to you.

My family’s first pets, a dog and a cat, were given Chinese names because my dad studied about that country and always loved it. And then later, a white cat named “Snowball” of course. So many animals to give me love. I was lucky to have known them all.

My greatest sadness is that our pets don’t live as long as we do. I didn’t think about that much when I was young. My pets were just there, and they followed me everywhere or sat on my lap in the evenings and purred, and I never took the time then to appreciate them as I do now.

If you would like to write me about pets you love, or have loved, please feel free to contact me at I would be very happy to talk with you about your stories and the names of your favorite pets.

If any of you reading this are allowed to have pets, can take care of your pet, and have the proper space and lifestyle for a pet, I highly recommend bringing a loving animal into your life. So many shelters are filled with possible pets of all kinds. Rescue one of them!

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