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“This adventure novel blends action and intrigue with the magical idea of other dimensions that make [Alex] Cort’s work even more dangerous and exciting. … Throughout A Shadow Away the use of magic grows, which changes the story into a strong supernatural adventure. … Lacy does a wonderful job of balancing adventure with magic and creates a delightful story of discovery.”

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“[Author Joan K. Lacy’s] story is thought-provoking and forces her readers to be just as creative as she is. I spent most of the novel just imagining what was coming next, which I was never able to predict. … Although this is an adventure novel, it provides a look into so many other realms. There’s the obvious folklore mixed with mythology and creative influence. But then there’s Lacy’s experience with archaeology and research. She has been an avid traveler for years and spent time learning other cultures. This was easily seen in her descriptions throughout the novel. … Overall, I give this one a high recommendation for adventure lovers….”


“This rollicking adventure tale is a rollercoaster ride into the exploits of marvelous character Alex Cort. Blending a love of the explorer, mysterious magic and danger around every corner, Joan Lacy manages to do what few can: she entertains, she educates, and she weaves a spell over the reader making them wish the last page will never come.”

—Carlos de los Rios, award-winning screenwriter of DIABLO and PLAYING MONA LISA

“Indiana Jones Meets Charmed

“This is a must read.

“A Shadow Away is an intriguing visit to pre-Columbian South America by a team of American explorers. If you liked Raiders of the Lost Ark, you’re going to love this book.

“We have heroic good guys, evil bad guys and a beautiful witch who is anything but a damsel in distress. The book is full of vivid descriptions that make you feel like you’ve visited the exotic locations. The writing reminds me of Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity, the author manages to sprinkle the descriptions through the book without slowing the action.

“Our heroes, Alex, an ex-cop; Andrew, an anthropology professor; and Angel, a witch; travel to Brazil in search of a lost golden statue and the city of El Dorado. Along the way, they meet local tribes, dangerous animals and evil villains.

“Andrew doesn’t know it, but he’s on a quest to right a wrong he committed long ago in another life. And Alex discovers a secret of his own.

“Save this book for a long weekend or a vacation, you won’t be able to put it down.”

—Pendelton C. Wallace, best-selling author of Ted Higuera and Catrina Flaherty series.

“Joan K. Lacy gives us a fabulous ride in her novel A Shadow Away. I started reading and didn’t want to put it down. The three main characters take you to exotic worlds, both real and ethereal.  We follow their adventures in the search for an ancient gold idol and find that their travels take us to thrilling places where these three people learn about themselves as well as magic and beauty.

“Both adults and young readers will love this book.

—Michele Wallerstein, Retired Literary Agent in Motion Pictures and Television.


California Assemblyman Brian Maienschein congratulates Joan on the release of her first book in the Alex Cort series, A Shadow Away. Read his praise here.

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