You might not think so at first, but research for your book can be fun when you’re finding out about something you’re interested in. This kind of research isn’t the same as preparing a required project for the classroom. This is information that can inspire an idea for your story or provide deeper knowledge on a subject you already know something about.

I write fantasy fiction, and have always been fascinated by myths and legends, so I was drawn to write a magical adventure about El Dorado. I love magic and sorcerers, so I weave them into my stories too. The important thing is to write about what interests you, something you already are familiar with or have experienced yourself. Those make the best stories.

As you go further along with your research, ideas for characters to play the parts in your story may start coming to mind. Write down what you know about them. Let them tell you their story. It helps to flesh out your characters with personal bits of background information. Where do they live? What kind of lifestyle do they enjoy? What kind of personal traits or characteristics do they have? Make them come alive to you, and they will to your readers.

For example, the lead character in my series Alex Cort Adventures started out basically as me. I love adventure, and so does he. He comes from a background similar to mine, though yours don’t have to. Alex enjoys working on cases linked to myths and legends with eccentric British archaeologist Andrew Seaton, because I can combine my interests in science and archaeology with Alex’s love of adventure. See? It’s easy!

Over the years I’ve studied, and traveled, and met interesting people. Even in your own town or city you will see people who would make excellent (disguised) characters for your story. Be kind, if you use actual people for your inspiration.

The third character in my ensemble (mine are all fictional, born in my vivid imagination) is a young woman with her own kind of magic. Her name is Angel, because she calls herself a witch, and most people don’t equate angels with witches. With Angel I get to add magic and sorcery, dragons and mythical creatures, other dimensions, and quantum physics, and all those things of the metaphysical world that fascinate me.

Just get started! The rest will come to you. Don’t worry it has to be perfect the first time. Your story will grow and change, and so will you.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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Magical adventure author Joan K. Lacy combines research and imagination to create the Alex Cort Adventures series, a series of metaphysical, fantasy adventure books, including A Shadow Away, All Under Heaven, and more forthcoming stories. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, and Google+.

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